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Introducing znal

Znal is a new, revolutionary zinc/aluminum capped screw with an innovative, patent-pending design that will transform the world of fasteners as we know it. 

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Znal is the .59 Second faster Screw. Do the Math.

Designed for speed and productivity far beyond competitor products, it's the smart buy for contractors and manufacturers focused on top quality and the bottom line. Znal is ideal for use in metal-to-metal and metal-to-wood applications.

The nick tip enables a proven cutting speed .59 seconds faster than the best available competitor, dramatically improving productivity on the job site. Imagine the labor savings you could realize over the next year. 

Znal reduces waste due to the cap design, which is firmly attached to multiple points on the screw body, including under the bearing surface as well as onto the hex head of th ebody of the screw. 

Znal is also stronger than most commercial fasteners due to the cap's composition of Zamak 5 or Zinc Alloy 5 with a higher copper content , which is stronger than the standard Zamak 3 used in other products' caps. Red Rock has verified the cap composition through independent laboratory testing and analysis. 

The indented cap seats properly with all major brands of hex driver bits, which will reduce "walking" of the fastener, further increasing productivity. The neoprene (EPDM) washer is harder than competitor products, providing a superior seal.

Znal is available in #12 and #14 diameters from ⅞" to 2-½" in length. Other sizes may be available for specific applications. 


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Znal product testing demonstration proves the quality of this innovative product, even on 10 gauge steel.